Driving is often an important part of a person’s lifestyle, representing freedom and independence. It is, however, a complex task involving physical ability, vision, cognitive ability and emotional skills. Any changes or loss of function in any one of these abilities due to ageing, illness or injury, may affect a person’s ability to drive.

Sometimes people are not aware of changes in their abilities and need to be guided by their health professionals and family as to whether there may be concerns about their driving ability. When our abilities change, we need to be guided by our GP, allied health professionals, family and friends as to the extent to which our health impacts on our ability to start, resume or continue driving.

Occupational therapists work to help people be as independent as possible in the activities of their everyday life. All OTs are registered health professionals and those who conduct driving assessments have completed specific post-graduate training.

Frequently Asked Questions – Driving Assessments

  • What is involved in the two-part driving assessment?
  • Can any occupational therapist conduct a driving assessment?
  • How much does the assessment cost?

Occupational Therapy Australia has produced a free ebook to answer these questions and provide resources,

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