Pandora was diagnosed with Autism and experiences issues relating to her executive functioning, fine motor, fine motor, gross motor skills and general development. Learn more about how Pandora works with her occupational therapist:

"I found an OT for Dora through a recommendation by Autism South Australia and we access our OT via telehealth (teletherapy) due to living in a very remote area of Northern Territory. I would not have been able to access regular OT if it weren’t for telehealth.

Working with an occupational therapist (OT) has improved my child’s skills, mentored me as mother to help my child and generally been a base of support through quite a scary journey of ASD diagnosis and what that means moving forward. My OT has given me hope in progress and the future.


Since working with an occupational therapist Dora’s confidence has gone through the roof! The support tools have been able to be applied both at school and at home. OT has given Dora support tools that are specifically targeted to her (no google research!). Due to increased confidence, Dora is able to develop her handwriting skills, better understand, manage and express her emotions leading to increased social skills.

I greatly appreciate my OT. Her ability to work with the school instead of just me has been amazing. She has taught not only me but the school how to interact and to change strategies to be more supportive. For example, to support handwriting skills, giving of instructions using direct language and resource books for social skills. My OT has helped me by modelling both the process and language to use to help teach Dora to manage situations in her day."

OTA would like to thank Pandora's family for sharing her story.