Occupational therapists work with individuals of any age to promote and enable effective participation in the occupations of everyday life.  Occupational therapists work with people who experience difficulties in these areas for any reason, and are present in both physical disability and mental health services.

The occupations of everyday life include:

  • Activities of daily living: Self-care activities such as showering, dressing, grooming and eating
  • Household and community functioning: Home maintenance, driving, budgeting, shopping and community mobility
  • Education: Activities which allow a person to participate effectively in a learning environment
  • Leisure and play
  • Social participation: Interacting positively with others in the community
  • Work (paid and unpaid): Participating in employment and volunteer activities

Occupational therapists are also able to assess and recommend assistive technology and/or environmental modifications that will assist individuals to engage in the occupations of everyday life.


Occupational therapists can be found: